Attacker.NET Website Firewall Protection – WAF

website firewall

Our website firewall will sit between your website and visitors to filter all incoming requests (HTTP & HTTPs traffic). The firewall will allow all legit and clean traffic to pass and reach your website and block all other malicious attacks and bad requests.

What’s included in our Website Firewall Protection?

  • Filter all HTTP & HTTPS traffic
  • Prevent zero day exploits
  • Detect & Block Attacks & Hack attempts
  • Detect & Block Malware
  • Detect & Prevent SQL Injections
  • Detect & Block Brute Force Attacks
  • Detect & Block XSS Attacks
  • Detect & Prevent Spam comments
  • Protect admin control panels (i.e: wp-admin, etc)
  • Restrict access to admin control panels to trusted IPs only
  • Protect your files and folders and restrict access to anything
  • Block bad traffic
  • Block bad bots
  • Ability to whitelist or block IPs
  • Free SSL
  • GZIP compression & Caching to make your website faster
  • Many other options to ensure your website security!

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Main Website firewall dashboard
If you move your website to another hosting provider or changed the IP address of your hosting account then you need to re-point the firewall to the new hosting IP address to forward all legit and clean traffic.
Website firewall security options that allows you to restrict access or add additional security layers for extra protection.
A free SSL is included with the website firewall and you can manage the SSL mode and switch between full and partial SSL.
Reporting recently blocked connections or requests by the website firewall. The firewall should protect your website and covers OWASP top 10.

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