How do I check the health of my 3ware RAID array?

3ware allows for a browser interface to be used, however unless accessed locally this can be a security risk. Therefore we suggest using the command line interface if at all possible.

You need to download the 3ware CLI utilities from the vendor website or from your datacenter portal. Installation is as simple as unzipping the file into a separate folder. Please note you MUST be root/administrator to run the utility.

Quick command reference for 3ware CLI tools

These devices must be followed by a number denoting which is being queried.

tw_cli /c0 show (Output shows information needed to know the health of the RAID array)

./tw_cli /c1 show


Unit  UnitType  Status         %Cmpl  Stripe  Size(GB)  Cache  AVerify  IgnECC


u0    RAID-5    OK             –      64K     465.641   OFF    OFF      OFF

Port   Status           Unit   Size        Blocks        Serial


p0     OK               u0     233.76 GB   490234752     WD-WCANY1727093

p1     OK               u0     233.76 GB   490234752     WD-WCANY1622544

p2     OK               u0     233.76 GB   490234752     WD-WCANY1657267

p3     NOT-PRESENT      –      –           –             –

*note the following:

c = controller
Controller can be 0 or 1
u = unit
Unit number depends on number arrays. It is 0 in most cases.
p = port
Port denotes port number. In most cases, it is 0-4.